Build the website of Your Dreams

Sans the stress headaches and server crashes

I’ve heard from countless business owners who want to build a beautiful, high-converting website to attract new clients, but feel like it’s completely out of reach, especially if they try to go the WordPress route.

BUT I’LL LET YOU IN ON A LITTLE SECRET… You CAN build a beautiful website with WordPress that you and your clients will love.

I want to help you learn everything you'll need to know to effectively brand your website and get it up and running WITHOUT the tech overwhelm.

That’s why I created Get Pressed, a self-study course that covers all of the critical parts of branding your business and navigating WordPress so that you can build a website that you and your ideal clients will love.

For almost 10 years, I've been helping entrepreneurs andsmall business owners get their websites in order.

And Get Pressed provides you with the info, resources and checklists that I've developed and refined from helping savvy, motivated women launch and grow their dream businesses online.

Get Pressed comes with a 115-page digital guidebook that’s one part business planner and one part WordPress manual featuring 5 distinct chapters with content specific checklists and resources to cover every essential feature of WordPress and how to use it. 

Also included are website and branding templates, and over an hour of instructional videos that walk you through building your website quickly and easily.

This program is perfect for coaches, bloggers, marketing consultants, virtual assistants and anyone else who wants to use their website to:

  • Attract ideal clients
  • Convert visitors to email subscribers
  • Get more social shares
  • Engage blog readers
  • Effortlessly sell products/services


Your price: only $349!

Inside Get Pressed

Part 1: Get Ready

Before you build a website, you’ll come up with a plan to make sure it turns visitors into customers and clients.

Part 2: Get Visual

Design a winning brand for your business and website that your target audience won’t be able to resist.

Part 3: Get WordPress

Learn everything you need to know to setup and manage a WordPress site yourself.

Part 4: Get Custom

Now that we have the basics down, it’s time to dress up your site to match your brand.

Part 5: Get Content

You can't have a great website without great content. Let's make sure it’s both organized and eye-catching.

Bonuses + Extras

15 page templates for WordPress, Canva style guide templates, over an hour of instructional videos, and lifetime access to future updates.

Love from clients and customers:

“Let me tell you what's happened for me since I implemented the resources from Nicole: I'M FINALLY GETTING TRACTION WITH MY BUSINESS. It feels incredible. I had been pitching myself to guest in podcasts and guest blog and be featured in articles, and all I'd gotten were crickets in response until my site started looking great thanks to all of Nicole's help! Before I was kind of embarrassed sending people to my website, but now I'm really proud of it, and it's such an incredible feeling.”
Caitlin Motta
Health Coach
If you want an amazing website that functions like a well-oiled machine, Nicole is who you want. After Nicole’s handiwork, my site works seamlessly on mobile devices, I can update it easily, and I’ve been able to measure an increase in traffic and email subscribers. She is extremely professional, uber-smart, and does amazing work. I can’t recommend her more highly! (Thanks Nicole!)
Elizabeth Rider
Certified Health Coach, Host of FMTV Show, Elizabeth Eats
“I am smart and could have spent hours figuring out how to create my own website. However – it would have not looked anything close to how amazing and professional mine is now – thanks to Nicole’s program! After my project was completed Nicole has continued to guide me step by step teaching me how to manage, upkeep, make changes, and insert information into my website – which is crucial and also removes the stress from my thoughts of “what now?”
Ashley White
Ashley White Wellness
I’ve spent hours creating the simplest of websites and still came out not satisfied. After speaking to Nicole, in less than three weeks, I had a completely new website with all the bells and whistles ready for launch. She made the process very simple and left me with a product that was easy for me to manipulate and change as needed. Nicole comes with my highest recommendation to any solopreneur struggling in this area. You won’t be disappointed!
Yolanda N. Davis
Chief Strategist, The Y9 Group
I wish I would have worked with N.Creative Studio from the very beginning. After a year of struggle and frustration to just publish a website that I could be proud of I was able to finally launch my business thanks to N.Creative Studio. I got everything I wanted and I love my website!
Alicia DiBacco, Esq.

You got questions? I got answers.

The short answer is yes. Other platforms might be easier to use out the box, but they’re just not equipped with the features you’ll need to grow an online business. But that’s exactly why I created this resource, to give even complete tech newbies the info they need to confidently build a website on the WordPress platform.

Great question! I’m Nicole Evans and I’m a web developer and all around fan-girl of all things tech. I self-taught my way into becoming a development consultant for a wide range of clients including the US military, tech startups, higher education institutions and nonprofits.

In 2013, I started N.Creative Studio and worked with some of the top coaches in the biz like Rachel Rodgers, Elizabeth Rider, and Ash Ambirge, helping them and hundreds of other savvy business owners get their websites in order.

In the almost 10 years I’ve spent building websites, I’ve heard from countless DIY’ers who knew they needed their site on WordPress, but felt like it was impossible to learn. However, I taught myself how to use it, and I knew I could teach others to do the same. If you’re determined to make your online business work, then I know i can teach you how to build the WordPress website you deserve.


Most definitely. As soon as I can update the instructions, I will!

Ready to stop wasting time and money and finally launch a website that you're proud to show off?